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 The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation educational package was sponsored by a grant from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Center for Health Promotion, Education, and Tobacco Use Prevention (CHP) using fund provided by the Cigarette Restitution Fund.  The CHP helps Maryland citizens, families and communities make informed decisions to improve their health and quality of life. 

 The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation educational package will help Baltimore County Asian Americans  (Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) to stop smoking and to better understand the dangers of tobacco.  This educational package is designed by the Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation to be used by small groups during short break periods of about 10 minutes.  Although the package may be used with or without an instructor, it would be beneficial if one person would serve as group leader. 

 The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation educational package includes a Korean language DVD with 10 lessons and accompanying instructional material.  The DVD contains a menu with 10 chapters that can be accessed by moving the highlighted using the arrow keys on your remote controller or DVD player.   There are 10 handouts to provide to up to 10 group members for each lesson.   Additional handouts can be obtained by contacting AAASF at the address/phone number listed below or downloaded by clicking on the appropriate language symbol at the top of this page.

 AAASF will strongly encourages close contact with small group leaders and members hopes to maintain ties through personal and telephone contact, surface mail and e-mail feedback and our website 

The Chinese version was narrated by Dr. Sherman Yen  President  AAASF.

The Korean version was narrated by  YooJun Kim.

The Vietnamese version was narrated by Quang (Michael) Le.

 The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation educational package was developed by Dr. Sherman Yen, President of the Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation.   Dr. Sherman Yen has been teaching in Maryland for the last 37 years, counseling for almost as long, and is one of the leaders in tobacco use education, prevention and cessation in Maryland.  He has published over 100 articles in a wide range of professional journals.  Dr. Yen has appeared on Asian language television for tobacco control since 2001, often in panel discussions in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

 Lessons include:

1. Baltimore County Tobacco Coalition, state and national tobacco control activities.
2. The Effects of Nicotine on the Human Body
3. Secondhand Smoke 
4. Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
5. Smoking Affects the Heart
6. Self-Quit – Tips on Quitting Smoking
7. Self-Quit –Basic Strategies 
8. Self-Quit – Managing Stress
9. Self-Quit – Staying Active
10. Self-Quit – Muscle Relaxation